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[MST3K Experiment 904: Werewolf]

I’ve been waiting a long time for this gifset.

In response to my older sister’s comments about how bad a zombie apocalypse would be:

If you think it’s “cool” and “fun” to be apart of a zombie apocalypse, you must be even stupider than most people. I didn’t know it was awesome to be apart of an event where many of your family and friends are dead.

I hope those who want a zombie apocalypse are removed from this planet and be sure to take your stupidity with you.


“Alex Fitzpatrick thought she could make a stupid little post on the Internet that no one would care about. Little did she know that when she hit the Create Post button, she was actually posting it to…the Twilight Zone.”

Okay, for those who may care for whatever reason, or whatnot, I do need help. My friend is going as Batman for Halloween (an idea I played around with for myself, but  no worries as it just narrows down my options) and I need to think of a new idea. My budget is at least $20 and I do want a satisfying costume. Now I have it down to three ideas:

1) Rick Grimes (The Walking Dead)

2) Walter White (Breaking Bad)

3) Dipper Pines (Gravity Falls)

For Rick, I’d simply go with the black button down shirt, black jeans, a sheriff’s hat (which I’d need to get) and a revolver. Or, I could go as his sheriff outfit, but the black attire would be very much cheaper so you tell me what would be better.

Walt, I’d go with the original outfit, a green button down shirt, white underwear boots, grayish socks, and revolver. May look for mustache and glasses (I wear glasses, but more the type in the Season 5 flash forward). Also maybe I could get the apron. I’d only have to pay for the green shirt, underwear, socks and possible mustache, glasses and apron. Again, please tell me what would be better.

Finally, the Dipper outfit won’t be too complex, just his gray shorts, shoes, shirt, vest jacket and signature hat. Only thing I’d need to get probably is the hat, which costs $20 (and then I’d have no more money).

So PLEASE, let me in on what I should be for Halloween from those three choices and if I should add/take away certain aspects for each costume. Thanks!


Breaking Bad Poster by Önder Tür, an illustrator in Istambul, Turkey


Breaking Bad Poster by Önder Tür, an illustrator in Istambul, Turkey

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